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LF WTB used SIR tools

I currenly have 2 broke e30's and one running one and I'd bet this isn't the end of my addiction
So I wanna buy your used SIR tools (the good ones)

anything you might have let me know my user name is absolutdog on all the bimmer forums

Definatley want:
b-90----the bearing kit
3026----the subframe kit
3017----the cam alignment tool
3005----allen holder
1017----stubby 17mm Allen
3034-2---Crank holder
3020-----oil seal driver

I'm sure there are a few more but that all for now
PM me
or email
"maxbimmer username"

Cheers and happy motoring
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I wanna buy a 318 'vert near MI
Sell me your used SIR tools
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