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Originally Posted by doogee View Post
Eaaaasy now. She was fast

Thanks! Yeah I'm really hoping to start racing next year. I guess I need to decide whether to leave the car alone and run in GT4 or work on making it to GT3. Would need to add quite a few things to get it to GT3 times.

First step is a suit, hans and license though!
Would be cool to see you come out to some OTA events. I went for my first time this past weekend at shannonville(events 3& 4 of the schedule and had a blast. Only 3 BMW's including myself there, so more representation(especially E36's) would be great!

Btw, what times have you done at Mosport so far? Looking to get an idea of what other E36's run since OTA events 6, 7 and 8 are there. My class(GT2) record is 1:37.9 which is a tall order but doable if I can sum up enough courage.
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