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UPDATE......Its fixed!!!

Well, rewind to the beginning of last week, I finally got my car back from the cage builder and was still trying to figuring out this mysterious issue. During the time the car was away, I did extensive research as well as price out the replacement clutch(it was a custom clutch kit from Bully apparently) I thought I would need just so I was ready for the job. One of those things I researched was the climate control issue, which I mentioned in the OP, thats when things started to click in my head. It turns out that when my faulty climate control unit would turn off(which it had during the day at the track), the A/C compressor would stick on - as we all know, A/C isn't the best thing to have on during hard driving at the track . This was putting extra strain on my clutch but, the biggest problem being that the compressor itself would seize at high RPM causing the "bogging". I ended up going to Sayal electronics and purchased the necessary capacitor to fix the faulty climate control.

The following Wednesday I decided to test out my theory at TMPWhere it was originally having problems) during their 5-9PM open lapping session, and guess what? It was absolutely fine! I was able to put in 7 hot laps in a row in three different sessions. Just incase it was a fluke, I then took the car to OTA events 3 & 4 at shannonville this past weekend and was able to complete both days(all sessions from start to finish) without a single hiccup. I am so happy with the car now and can now continue prepping it properly for the class I run in.

Hopefully this helps someone else out who might experience the same problem!
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