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Darla cranks my engine....another M50 build

Haters please find somewhere else to go. If you have constructive criticism, Ill listen to it. Ive done lots of research before Ive started this, but if you have some hints and tips please share!

Thanks for looking!

Starting off with a 1990 325i 2dr

Unbolted a dirty ole rear subframe

Taken down to bare metal, sway bar reinforcements and Toe/Camber plates welded in place, Epoxy primed.

Painted with 75D Poly subframe and trailing arm bushings

Engine bay looks dirty old and tired.

Out with the old

To prepare with the new.....ish M50tu25

Engine bay degreased. Deleting Washer fluid, power steering, A/C, ABS. Going to cut the wires out that arn't needed anymore and tuck it through the fender. Also be doing a slight shave on the bay and stich up the front end.

Front subframe and ect taken out. Will be getting the same treatment as the rear. Have a e36 M3 rack to go in along with new bushing control arms, ball joints, tie rods etc. engine mount reinforcements

Im currently pulling all the seam sealer out and the carpet out to clean up some rust thats starting.

Project will be on hold for abit as I aquired another e30 I need to do some work on to move to the back yard as driveway space is getting limited as well garage is full. Need to finish up a turbo mk2 supra then work will start on this again.
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