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Yea, my car is only 3 months old so there is no sense in selling it. And when I bought it I knew it has many issues, but I liked it. There was another E39 being sold and that car was in a much better shape (no scratches and no dents, at all!) But I liked this car more because it was just the way I wanted it: black, beige leather, wood trim, and sport package (steering wheel, etc).

Also, my E39 drove better than any Honda and Toyota I have driven even before I repair anything on it! And I am talking about 2008-2010 Accords and Camrys! It’s such a quiet, smooth, and fun car to drive. Before I do any of the body repairs I want to make sure it’s mechanially in an excellent condition. I’ve done a lot of work on it, so hopefully just a couple of things are left to be done. I am taking it this Friday to RMP Motors to have the thrust arms changed.
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