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Originally Posted by wc123wc View Post
There is nothing special about my car—it’s just an ordinary E39 that was not taken good care of. Anyway, it’s my first car and I love it. And I am planning to keep it for at least 5 years. But it does need body work. Yesterday the loose pumper started rattling after hitting a pothole on the highway.
OK, gotcha. First cars are always special no matter which one they are. Mine was a Miata, which I have sadly sold, but with a baby there was just no way to justify keeping it.

That being said, if I was in your shoes I would try and keep the car mechanically in shape. My 540's were my 2nd and 4th cars, and the amount of money dumped into maintenance and parts was pretty high, and they always need something. But speaking honestly, there is no sense in dumping money into paint on a car that is already beat up. You will never get your money back when you sell - and who knows, circumstances might change and you might have to dump the car. But as you said, personal preference right?

Originally Posted by wc123wc View Post
I personally prefer to keep my car than buy a new one that’s in a better condition. At least with my car I know what it needs and what I have done to it—there are no surprises.
I guess. My last 540i that I bought had a full maintenance history, drastically cutting down the number of surprises to a bum alternator installed by BMW of Ottawa. Due diligence in purchasing goes a long way. I was glad to get rid of my first 540i and let someone else deal with all it's issues, in favor for a one owner car with full records. Totally night and day experience.
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