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Ok, so I've been reading through the resources that Bullet Ride posted. All very informative, but it's like information overload. I'm starting to think I'd like to get into tuning, but I'm not sure yet.

In my continuing efforts to fix that weird random bogging problem I replaced the TPS sensor. Nothing.

I cleaned the MFingMAF again and the issue went away. I'm going to look for a new M50 MAF now.

In other news, body work began the other day. I'm just working on one panel at a time. I think the trunk was RED!! Or red primer was used during a respray?

Trunk > Hood > Fenders > Doors > Body

They're getting sanded, then any small low or high spots will be filled. Dents will be pushed out and, if needed, then filled.

The car will be blocked smooth and checked for more high or low spots. The whole thing will be sprayed with a high build primer and sanded again.

Depending on the surface at that point, it will be primed again and blocked or we will move on to the paint stage.

Paint gets sprayed and then 2 coats of clear will be sprayed. I'm going to then drive it for a few months/store it over the winter so the paint and clear will harden properly.

Next spring when I pull it out, I will start wet sanding it. 1200 > 1500 > 2000 and then polish it to a mirror.

It's going to be a lot of work, but a friend who is helping me achieved this:

REMEMBER: Be safe and have fun is Rule Number 1.

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