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Originally Posted by Maple View Post

I've yet to see an Original(I want to specify that, Original , not some china crap) plastic impeller fail before 140-150k kms.
That may be your experience, good for you but...

My last 2 both experienced a bad platic impeller before 140k. In fact we were joking around how the first one went at 120k and since I had 114k on the second one it was almost time. Well about a year later guess what!

Not only that the running joke became a joke because of what we see on a daily/weekly basis. It is not a case where all that hit 120k+ fail, but even a small majority is considered a promblem. If just 1 out of 10 failed it is too much and becomes a known issue.

If you believe bmw is so wonderful with their decisions then explain why they now send metal as a replacement in some models? What happened to their super duper plastic?
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