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my ix is very reliable. Regular maintenance of the awd system and it will last just as long as any other e30. I've got over 400k on my dd auto ix, and aside from some rust, its been basically worry free for years. regular maintenance that includes inspecting the front struts, changing the fluids in the transmission, transfercase, and front/rear diffs(fluid change could be ever 3 or 4 oil changes).
Proper lubrication of the front driveshaft splines will keep a good shaft from slipping for a long time.
Front axle boots can be replaced with new grease if they are torn but the joint hasn't failed.
Front struts, steering rack, tie rods, control arms, subframe are unique, but front brakes are the same. Rear suspension is all very similar to rwd e30, but the rear rotors and hubs are unique.

They came in any combination of leather, vinyl, cloth, sport or comfort seats. 5 spd or auto. All of these were options. Most had the cold weather package(heated seats, mirrors, washer nozzles).
They are unstoppable in the winter with even half decent tires. But great tires will give you more confidence than a subaru.

They are marginally slower than a 325i, just due to the extra weight and rotating mass, but its barely noticable.
You can still stroke and boost an ix, just bear in mind the block, oil pump and oil pan are also unique. The rest of the engine is basically the same.

and its a 325ix. no such thing as a 325xi.

I've owned 5, some autos, some 5spds, some cloth sport seats, some leather comforts, they come in all combos.

Testing the AWD is a must though, like Ceeker said.

Good luck.

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