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The cooling components/hoses are different, the 89i has the coolant tank on the other side. Just use the 'e' setup you have you may need to use the 'e' waterpump and thermostat housing, just swap it all from your e engine. The 86 eta will have the sensors on the bell housing of the transmission. the I has them at the front of the engine. If the 'i' enine you have has those sensors then you are good, just remove the 'e' sensors from the tranny and cap the holes with something. The 'e' has a different tach/cluster with a different code pin. The e'e cluster will work but give the wrong engine speed. Your 'e' will have dual fuel pumps but that's not a problem.

None of these are difficult issues but you'll have to work around them.

I had a few more in my head a couple minutes ago, but can't remember them. I'm sure others will chime in.

Performance one step at a time.

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