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I'll start off by saying that most of your questions can be answered by reading this (thanks to Everlast)!download|13...75E90EBF0D|0|0

(password: boost)

And/Or this

And/Or this

Now to answer your questions more specifically...

Originally Posted by MaxBell View Post
What kind of lbs should I go with? Obviously the stock 17# M50 injectors that are in there are too small. What size should I be going with?
Depends on how much power you are planning on making. Do the few simple calculations found in the links I posted. I'd go for something like a 42# injector. That should be good for around 300whp.

Originally Posted by MaxBell View Post
Does the intercooler go before or after the BOV? Or does it even matter?
Some people have a BOV on both sides of the intercooler
It doesn't really matter, as long as it's somewhere between the compressor and the throttle body. If you'r plan is to do a recirculating BOV then it would make sense to have it somewhere just past the outlet of the compressor to reduce the amount of plumbing required.

Originally Posted by MaxBell View Post
So I'd just get a coupling and attach that line to the intake at the same place?
Yeah you can just T off the FPR or you can drill and tap that little plate that bolts in and add a barb to it

Originally Posted by MaxBell View Post
Which do you think is more cost effective?

How do I choose what pully to run?

It depends on how comfortable you think you'd be with tuning. There's plenty of good information and resources out there (including a few of the guys on this board) for those interested in learning to tune. It will take a good amount of time an effort compared to just paying someone else for a chip, but at the end of the day you will have learned some valuable skills. Obviously if you're not comfortable with tuning buying a chip will be the most cost effective, because a mistake while tuning (it would have to be a fairly big muck up) can result in things like a blown head gasket or worse

The pulley will depend on the unit. You'll have to do a bit of research to determine what pulley will give you what psi.

Originally Posted by MaxBell View Post
These go on the front clip, the same as a regular air intercooler, correct?
The radiator for the air to water intercooler will have to go on the front clip, but the air to water unit itself is usually tucked in the engine bay somewhere

Here's an M20 with an air to water unit

And a picture of the unit that the M30 TCD kit uses

Originally Posted by MaxBell View Post
So the main things I need to buy for this are:

1. Supercharger
2. Recirculating BOV (like this one)
3. Air to water Intercooler
4. Pully for the M50 crank
5. Chip
6. Pipes (I found a bunch on ebay, just figure out in the car approx what I need and buy?)
7. Vacuum line for BOV
8. Larger vacuum line for recirculation

Is that generally it?
3. Is there any reason you are going with air to water instead of air to air? Air to water is more expensive.
4. You need more than a pulley and a belt tensioner. I'd recommend looking at Denny's build. He's already done all the foot work for you.
6. You can buy a kit off ebay that comes with piping and an air to air intercooler for pretty cheap.
8. Whatever the size is that your BOV requires, doesn't have to be vac line, it can be rubber coolant line or w/e.

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