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Originally Posted by T.Dot_E30 View Post
Classy Mr. El Getto Liso hackjob, everything I say I can backup.

Calling me a faggot?

Proof of your getto hackjobs:

You have nothing to say but launch personal attacks, good job man.

Goodluck on your bike, you'll need it with your accident history.
thats fine. i had to patch that up to get safety done. ever work outside with the flu? either way, that temporary hack job, which earned me a safety certificate, was ripped out and properly welded with metal about 2 years ago. nice try.

ya, i called you a faggot. i mean, clearly you have that picture of me on your mind, im flattered but no, i don't swing that way bud. i havent seen that picture for quite long time actually. hehe, its pretty funny to me which is the reason i took it. difference is i enjoy my sense of humor. i am very comfortable with myself,thanks. i'm striking an import model picture of my car for joke. again, nice try.

every heard of the word provoke? well, with the current state of cyber culture, i suppose that provoking is synonymous to trolling. so given that, something you decided to take responsibility for throwing at me, how can you not expect me to personally attack you. open your eyes you ****ing clown. you're attacking the work i did. thats personal. who the **** do you think you are?

i ****ing swear. this is THE last time i am TELLING YOU, NOT ASKING you, to **** OFF. stop provoking me. you dont know me. stop trying to pretend to know me. i dont want to know you. so **** off!
R.I.P. E30
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