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Originally Posted by El Gato Liso View Post
jevco don't do super sport

listen, trever or whatever the **** your name is...keep your witty ass remarks to your faggot self please. i get it, you're exhibiting and brandishing your reclusive lifestyle by stabbing at me through your computer screen. i feel sorry for myself for even stooping down to your apparent abysmal level by responding to it. if you want to be that rangerover bitch's puppet, be my guest. don't stick your nose up his ass and place yourself into business that surely enough has nothing to do with you. so please, as i asked once before. **** OFF.
Classy Mr. El Getto Liso hackjob, everything I say I can backup.

Calling me a faggot?

Proof of your getto hackjobs:

You have nothing to say but launch personal attacks, good job man.

Goodluck on your bike, you'll need it with your accident history.
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