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Officially I don't think the colour of the injectors means anything. Just go based off of the part number. You can check that they both have the same pintle design and impedance just to be sure.

That diagram is incorrect. The intercooler has to go between the supercharger and the motor. The goal of the intercooler is to remove heat that was added to the charged air from the compression.

The line on the BOV is a vacuum line, it hooks into the same spot where your fuel pressure regulator gets vacuum. When you go off throttle while under boost, once the throttle plate is closed pressure will continue to build between the compressor and the throttle plate unless it has a way to be released. That’s where the BOV comes in, and that’s why it’s vacuum actuated.

Tuning depends on what your plans are. If you are only going to run one boost level then a chip will be ok. However if you ever want to change pulleys for more boost you'll need to get a new chip.

Air to water intercoolers aren't very big to begin with, so I'd say as big as you can fit.

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