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Hey so everything is ticking along smoothly.

I had a couple little issues that I'll write down for anyone diagnosing problems later.

1. I went to start the car, but didn't start it all the way. (turned it over for a second and then went back to IGN 2) When I let off the key there was a POP. The car ran terrible, shuddering and stalling after a second or two.

SOLUTION? My hose from the ICV to the intake on the M50 had popped out. Pushing it back in fixed the problem.

2. There are a few grounds in the engine bay that are safe to ground things to. These ones, with those little bolt-able shims/clips, are no good.

I had a weird bogging issue that seems to be resolved by moving my harness ground to the strut tower, rather than one of those clip things. (on the inside support of the strut tower)

ALSO (thanks to Everlast)

For some discussion, I've figured out the following so far (prepare for some pretty noob shit)

Is this accurate to how a supercharger would be set up?

I keep seeing a line from the top of the BOVs I look at. Is this a vacuum line? Where does it hook into?

How much custom tuning do I require? Get BMWConnect to write me a chip that I can put into my DME, or do I need Megasquirt/similar?

How big of an intercooler do I require?
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