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Bimmer boys!!!!

First, i would like to say that BimmerBoys has been NOTHING but AMAZING!

secondly, i was caught in a bind but despite the snag i ran into, bimmerboys STILL helped me out with getting parts!

third, prices. everyone wants to know about prices. Everyones has their inner cheap ass. the prices for everything I ever purchased are non-arguable. they're just that fantastic that you just stfu and take their price and run!!!

fourth, shipping. parts sent out as soon as they received them. fasted i got a part from bimmerboyz was literally the next morning.

fifth, local. london...very 'close' and convenient.


I finally got the iS lip i always wanted because of the lip group buy!

converted my obd2 m52 to obd1 with brand new ping sensors and coolant temp sensors, for almost the price of just 1 new ping sensor alone!!!!!

shout outs to bimmer will NOT be disappointed. HIGHLY recommended!!
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