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Originally Posted by pawelgawel View Post
if the w/p and thermostat was replaced with the belts the pulleys(?) then all you need left is the expansion tank and hoses... not a big deal at all and easy DIY.

the engine/trany mounts do NOT need to be changed unless they are damaged or ckracked... don't do unnecessary work if you don't need to. what is the point in replacing something like a bushing that will NOT damage your car untill its ready to be replaced. My old e46 had original mounts at 200k and only one of the rear subframe bushings was ckracked... everything else was still in decent shape.

Be prepaired to replace the front CABs if they are original... the CAs might last till about 180-200k depending on the driving conditions... again my old e46began showing CAs wear in the 200k range... untill then it was nice and tight after replacing the bushings.
As for suspension.... Yes, technically the OE shocks last only about 150k just like every other car. But after I replaced my old shocks at 200k, the rear shocks still had a great rebound and didn't leak, therefore its not necessarly a must at 150k.

Remember this is NOT a NEW car and it will never be a new car. Yes... I agree you can make it feel like new by replacing everything that is possible, but is it worth it? If your keeping your car for a 100k then go and replace all these parts, this way youll enjoy the car for what it is. If your planning on keeping it for 50k, Id say do what is necessary.

Spending cash on a car is not an investment. Keep it healthy and safe... do what must be done and if the car is well kept you won't need to spend more then $1500 a year on parts.
Remember, his is not a $30,000+ as some people like it to believe it is... its worth less then 10k and in couple of years it will be worth less then 7k and in 5 years less then 3K... don't burn your money unless you need to. Have enough for rainy days where something goes wrong.

A healthy well maintained e46 is much more sexier then an e46 under construction for years...

Last thing...

If you can, Order parts from US and pick them up form the border. This will save your $$$ if your making large orders. I hate to say this as I like to support local stores, but prices are retarded in Canada compaired to US ($60 for VCG in CAN and $20 in US)
There are some decent guys here who make little on the parts just to help out... ~ PJ, honest guy and great prices
And do as much work Yourself as possible... Most of the things on this car are easy to do as long as you put some time and effort into it, research before hand and just do it.

good luck
Every bush and mount has its lifespan. The engine/tranny mount failure to teh point of actually breaking in half is a rare to none occurrence. Why you need to replace them? its becaseu they're rubber and they get weakened over time. Engine mounts are OIL FILLED and they will sag over time. If you take your old engine mounts out and compare them to new ones , you'd realize that the old ones have sagged about 3/4" and the tranny mounts are so weak that you can literally bend them with your fingers.

New engine and trans mounts will bring the life back into your car with crisp shifting. Everyone forgets to replace these until the mounts have sagged so much that your shifter literally moves side to side when you let off the gas or in some occasions the clutch fan will be touching the upper rad hose because engine had sagged.

You said your old car had a rear subframe mount cracked. Shame on you for not keeping it in shape . Sure you can wait till everything breaks and cracks and falls apart before you replace it, but thats called repair and NOT maintenance.
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