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Originally Posted by matryx View Post
I'll definitely getting new shocks and springs. I want to lower it bit. I've been reading about the cooling system and I'll probably do a over haul of that if I get it. Another thing I'm worried about is the rear sub-frame I've read so much about. I'll try to get it checked out from RMP or a local shop before I make the purchase though.
I don't mind spending money to maintain the car but if the car is known for major problems then I'd rather avoid it.

I was checking if there was anything in particular I should know about the E46.
The only two thing so far I've found are the rear-subframe tears, the cooling system, and the Vanos seals. The Vanos seals have been replaced already so that's a good sign.
The subframe issue was more on the early models 1999-2001 323 and 328... after that is very rear to see those issues especially on a 2004.

Cooling system might be an issue depending on the car.. some people have the ET explode on them around 150K and some drive for 250K on original parts... so its a hit and miss, but easier to replace before the towing costs add up

as for the Venos... You don't need to do it if its done. Its not one of those things that people know about because its not a big issue to many. The fanatics know because word gets around and people begin to notice the little rattle at higher milage.
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