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Originally Posted by sparf328 View Post
yes, but there was only 45 canadian "eurospec's" m3's produced in 94 available to the canadian market, of course there were other m3's produced for sale in other countries, many of which were in europe, but those are not actual canadian "eurospec's" m3's, however those were the m3's that were built for a different market with different standards and regulations, similar but not the same.. a supercharged canadian "eurospec" ( 1 of the 45, and less than half are left, and half of those have salvaged titles lol ) would fetch some serious coin, ( like the one that charlie from bimmersport owns, which is one the sickest e36's on the planet IMO ).. anyways , again good luck with sale, if only it wasn't a powerdyne blower....
if your talking about air bag and head light differences that's pointless comparison's imo, its the driveline and rear subframe that make the difference in a eurospec car.

what made those Canadian cars special was they were brought in on a loop hole in the import laws, and they were the first E36 M3's in north america.

If you want to see a couple of them go to a Trillium BMW Club driving school,coolest one there IMO is Jacque Day's (think that how name is spelled). White slick top with cloth techno Vaders, and he's had it since new!

Anyway we should start a thread to talk comparisons, good luck to OP with sale
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