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@RMP, sorry if I confused you in this thread with another shop for some stuff but I still stand by a shop asking WHY at the least or what led to this conclusion etc before performing a job. Just my opinion, it isn't the law or a code all mechanics follow just how I see things. If someone drives into the shop and says they need an oil service and we see based on km's that is the case we don't ask why but when they say change these bolts under my hood, we do. Depends on the job but you get my drift.

Also I agree with Philly, the issue can be found with enough effort but the OP said he was in a rush so...

Also it would be more time and economically efficient to find the issue FIRST. Why remove and tear down potentially the same sus components twice, remove the wheels etc? I understand how that works better for a shop per hour but not a customer. Again not the law just how I see it

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