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Originally Posted by matryx View Post
$3000 sounds reasonable for the first year. Mostly stuff you need to have changed anyways. When you said $1500-$2500/year I just couldn't figure it out. Tires are a given and that's not something I will be changing every year. I'll be running winter and summer tires so I'm going to assume they last me at least 3 seasons for each set. Brakes and rotors probably every other year.
Belts and pulleys will probably be changed only once depending how long I own it. Everything just seems like regular maintenance.

I was just worried about the major problems. I read somewhere the cooling system will probably need work. Haven't done any work on that before and not sure how much that will cost me.

Motor and tranny mounts needs replacing? That didn't even cross my mind. Thanks for bringing that up. Seems like a big job so I'm not sure if I can handle that. What's good is I have tons of tools I've bought over the years so I feel I can tackle most jobs.

Barnsdale: which shop would you recommend? I've heard of RMP and Bimmersport. I'll probably take it to them for jobs I cant do.

Thing is, you dont even have to replace half of what I listed and you'd be fine for an A to B car, but I always try to push people towards going one step above. A good of example is some people drive for over 200k kms on their original shocks,control arms, some people never changed any bushes apart from control arm bushes and some people dont even know hot to open the hood. Its all true and all those cars still drive A to B but they're crap and the only thing thats left in them from the Ultimate driving machine is the faded badge. Makes me sick when I see those cars

To me personally maintaining a car means keeping it in New or near new condition regardless of its age. Replacing interior pieces as they wear out or scratch,new headlight lenses every year, this year I'll need to repaint the front bumper, I even replaced my steering wheel because it was worn . But to others maintaining a car means keep it running without stalling .

I can tell you for sure that if I go look at the car you listed, it'll need at least 3000 in parts in the first week to get it up to date for my standards

If you have to take it to the shop the RMP is the place to go
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