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My rotors had a lip and were too thin to grind, but my brake pads were in a pretty good shape. If I had kept my rotors then my brake pads would've gone bad. So I changed the rotors and sanded the pads.

I agree with you. Recently, one mechanic said something needed replacing to fix the shake problem. The whole thing cost me $500 and did absolutely nothing to fix the shake problem. I was upset and felt cheated. But I won't mention which mechanic it is because I want to give him the benefit of the doubt as there are two parts of that thing in the car, so it could be the other side part that's is causing the shake problem also. But I won't decide on changing that until I go see Rocco to see what he says first.

I am not a big fan of giving mechanics bad reviews until I know for sure that is what happened, because their business is their way of making a living and supporting their families, you know. If I write a bad review today then it will stay online for years to come affecting their income, and it could be an honest mistake. I know, honest mistakes are costly ($500 is a lot of money!) but we all make mistakes.
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