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Originally Posted by Blackedout95 View Post
Sorry to hear you have to go through all this to sove a shake, I am hoping for you this works out. You may get lucky but I would rather hear that the reason for the shake was found. Your rotors have been inspected again, correct? It is not uncommon to get a warp straight away, just sayin, cover your bases.

Good Luck and keep us posted.
Thanks for the good wishes, but I think you missread my post. Both shops did good jobs.

At Alphawerx I changed my rotors because they had a lip on them, changed my tires because they were worn out winter tires, did an alignment because the car pulled to the right, and of course with changed tires I had to get them balanced too. I was hoping (the keyword is 'hoping') these changes would fix the low speed (below 30km/h) and high speed (above 80km/h) shake, but they did not. I did not do these changes thinking, "Oh, the tires/wheels/rotors must be the cause of the shake." These changes were just something I had to do anyway.

I am probably going to change the thrust arms at RMP Motors because the steering wheel trembles when braking at high speed, and also the front end shakes when hitting a pothole. I am hoping that changing the thrust arms would take care of the low/high speed shake, but I was not told, "Yes, this is the cause of the shake." Changing the thrust arms is just something I have to do anyway. Would changing the thrust arms solve the shaking problem? I don't know. May be, may be not.

To be honest, I did not even spend enough time at RMP Motors so they did not have the chance to inspect the car more thoroughly, because the car had an engine shut down problem which was my priority at the time. (Rocco did an amazing job at fixing the engine shut down problem, and I am positive if anyone can figure out the shake problem it would be him.)

As soon as I get a chance I will get the thrust arms changed, then go from there about the shake problem.
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