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Street Survival School - Volunteers needed!

Trillium BMW club is running a Street Survival School this Sunday (June 10 2012)at the Unionville GO Station. The response for students so far has been fantastic; in fact I believe we will have more than anticipated. In order to accommodate this quantity of people, and have the day run smoothly, we need more volunteers. So with that in mind I am reaching out to the max community to see if we can get some of you guys out there to help out.

This is a one day event, and for Volunteers it starts at 8am. If you are interested in helping out please PM me with a number I can reach you at. I will call to confirm your attendance.

Not only is volunteering an excellent way to meet new people, make new friends and network. Trillium BMW Club also offers rewards for those who commit to volunteer continually.

These rewards vary in size from free entry into Advance Driving Schools to automatic renewal/provision of membership when you accrue your first fifteen hours. Think it will take forever? Think again! We have one volunteer that has in excess of 100 hours already. In fact he exchanged his hours for a free driving school this past weekend (June 2-3).

Please let me know asap!

Dan Janssen
Trillium BMWCCA - Volunteer Coordinator

PS. If you would rather participate please feel free to head over to the Trillium website for more details and enrollment.
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