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Originally Posted by wc123wc View Post
Here is a semi complete story:

Took it to Alphawerx for over 3 weeks and Alphawerx inspected it thoroughly plus test drove it at least 3 times. Changed rotors, sanded brake pads, new tires, and balanced and aligned wheels but did not solve the problem. Actually, Darren balanced the wheels at least 3 times. He even run it at many speeds so many different times while hoisted it up to see if it's the main drive shaft. But no problem was found until then. Finally, I was told it is the driver side drive shaft so I had it repaired but the car still shakes.

Took it to RMP Motors and they test drove the car and inspected the wheels and balanced the tires (4th times in 2 months!) but the shake is still there. I was advised to change the thrust arms because the steering trembles when braking and hitting a pothole. Rocco did not say the thrust arms are the cause of the shake, but since I have to change them anyway then I will wait to see if the shake goes away after changing the thrust arms.
Sorry to hear you have to go through all this to sove a shake, I am hoping for you this works out. You may get lucky but I would rather hear that the reason for the shake was found. Your rotors have been inspected again, correct? It is not uncommon to get a warp straight away, just sayin, cover your bases.

Good Luck and keep us posted.

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