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Update: Not so much...

So on the weekend I went to start putting together the rest of the motor. After installing the front cover with new seals and a new gasket I move up to the water pump and as I'm installing the water pump bolts I notice that one of the bolts isn't snugging down, it won't hold any torque, so before I strip anything I take the water pump off to inspect the threads. I guess at some point in time the previous owner changed the water pump and in the process snapped a bolt head off (maybe even two because two of the three water pump bolts were newer and slightly longer) and in order to fix it they drilled out the old bolt and re-tapped the hole. This would have been fine had it been done correctly however the tap drill that was used was way oversize and it ended up leaving no meat for the tap to cut threads.

So that pretty much derailed me from making any more progress this past weekend. In order to properly remedy the issue, today I got an M8x1.25 helicoil and installed it...

Things are now back on track until the next problem arises
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