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Originally Posted by Maple View Post
I can bet that almost everything on the car is original and at 150-160 k it'll need A LOT of work . Some people just dont care about their cars and they claim they can run these at a minimum like $500-700 a year but when you look at their cars all you want to do is throw up.

At 150-160 k kms you'll need to replace these, prices are just for parts
-All 4 rotors if they werent replaced $100 each (400)
-all 4 shocks are toast by now and shock mounts $750-850
-control arms 400
-rear trailing arm bushings 80
-diff bushings 150
-disa 180
-expansion tank and hoses 150
-both pulleys and belts 100
-if the window regulators didnt fail then they'll fail next week 120 each
-motor and tranny mounts are toast so are the shifter bushings 300 for all
and much much more

He says he has maintenance records, check them and see what he did change and go from there .

Dont be scared , these cars can be run at a minimum cost but thats just not how I personally keep my BMWs. But if you wish to keep that car in great shape then your first year you'll spend close to 3000 and every other year will be around 1500 including tires
$3000 sounds reasonable for the first year. Mostly stuff you need to have changed anyways. When you said $1500-$2500/year I just couldn't figure it out. Tires are a given and that's not something I will be changing every year. I'll be running winter and summer tires so I'm going to assume they last me at least 3 seasons for each set. Brakes and rotors probably every other year.
Belts and pulleys will probably be changed only once depending how long I own it. Everything just seems like regular maintenance.

I was just worried about the major problems. I read somewhere the cooling system will probably need work. Haven't done any work on that before and not sure how much that will cost me.

Motor and tranny mounts needs replacing? That didn't even cross my mind. Thanks for bringing that up. Seems like a big job so I'm not sure if I can handle that. What's good is I have tons of tools I've bought over the years so I feel I can tackle most jobs.

Barnsdale: which shop would you recommend? I've heard of RMP and Bimmersport. I'll probably take it to them for jobs I cant do.

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