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statefarm doesnt give a shit what class M you hold, or if you did the bike course. the size of the bike and your age is all that matters to them, and your record too obviously.

i didn't get a discount for doing the RTI bike course....thats kinda shit, but you can't mess with statefarm as they give the best rates for young guys and super sport bikes.

its a 2005 cbr 600rr

statefarm works like this
heres the premium ex. my rate $3600/yr

may-sept is prime season, so im paying about 16% of that premium for those months.
oct-april is off season, so thats like %2 of the entire premium per month.

the course is perfect, despite discount or not. it gave me a new respect *not that i never had any* for riders. there are so many techniques that i would have never known. just wish statefarm would notice that!
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