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2004 325I Sport

What do you guys think of this car?

It has 148,000kms. Is the kms on it high? Is it reasonable for me to drive it for another 100,000kms without too much problems if I keep up with maintenance?

I emailed the guy and here are is what he said. Apparently he bought it from a friend who worked at a BMW dealership. He is the second owner.

"The car has been in my possession for about a year now.

The water pump has been changed along with the thermostat and serpentine belts about two years ago, but not the timing "chain" BMWs come with a metal chain for timing that does not have to be replaced. It was all replaced was because the car started losing heat in the winter time.

As far as other maintenance items;
Fuel filter has been changed
Vanos seals have been replaced with Biesan Seals -
Valve cover gasket has been replaced
Spark plugs

Of course I have receipts to prove it all, and all OEM BMW parts."

What are the differences between a Sports and Premium package? I've looked around and it seems like the Sports package has a stiff suspension and bolster seats. Is there a page I can find the specification?
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