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Originally Posted by elemke1243 View Post
Actually they moved to slack road just off Merivale. Makes it easier on everyone actually. Nice little place but its allll the way in the back of this little industrial complex. I looked at that as well. I sent him some design idea's if you want them pm me and I'll send you some
Sure, thanks! I was just going to let them decide how to run it. On my 2002, there isn't much room under there, so not too many options. I didn't want to go the glasspack route out of fear of losing the sound that I have now. DEFINITELY don't want the sound to change much, if at all! But first things first, I need to find out how much it's going to bleed me to fit the bumper PROPERLY, and I'm assuming that means I'll need my rear fenders re-worked. Not sure if I can afford that right now.
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