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Originally Posted by Racer View Post
Yes, I know what I am talking about. I actually paid attention to what I was reading, and have a fundamental understanding of driving technique. One doesn't need seat time to know how to drive. How many NHL coaches won the Stanley Cup as players?

As for the rest of you, smart asses, your pathetic comments come from your inadequacies, inferiority complex and a burning desire to add your worthless two cents on a subject you know nothing about.
I'll have you know that I sold my E30 and took over my mom's Mazda. It's a much better track car, and I am certain that I will drive circles around your fancy beeeeemers in it. Front wheel drive provides much better handling and an auto shifts faster and never over-revs.
LOL this is some of the better trolling I've seen recently. Bravo.

FYI your metaphor for comparing being a good driver from reading a book and having no seat time to being an NHL coach and never having won a cup is way off because the coaches all still played in the NHL... that's the equivalent to seat time. What you're saying is that because I really pay attention to the game when I sit on my couch watching hockey, never actually having played hockey, I can coach an NHL team.

Again. Bravo.
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