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Ok… Bro...

Let me give you a piece of advice, don’t call anyone Bro or Brother unless you actually know them.
Im not going to argue your lame ass points, its not worth my efforts. I don’t know how old you are or how many years of life experience you have with cars but it shows.
To get in touch with reality on automotive market in general here is what you should do:
Call around insurance companies and parts stores and compare your average Japanese cars, Mazdas Hondas Acuras… to your BMW. There is a financial reason why I chose a 330.
As for your ‘thousands of dollars’ remark… please school me on what will happen to my godly 330 if I don’t change the seals at 150k? or 200k? or 250k? like 90% of all BMW owners. I don’t track it… its not an m3.
and again... I DO want to change them...
Sorry for being a jack ass but seriously consider what you write before clicking that button.

Now back to the topic….

I would LOVE to find a better solution than paying out $75 for a couple of seals and gaskets, and maybe even give other options for those in Canada. If anyone has Old hardware I could use for comparison reasons I can pay for it as well. I have only one car so I kind of need it running.
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