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The know facts about Racer.....

1) his origins are known somewhat, he surfaced out of a previously unknown Russian chemical lab at the end of the Cold War, he could have been an experiment success, or did something go wrong?

2) He hides in Canada because the woman in the US are to fat

3) he is so tall he barely fits in a car, and helmet's are custom made for his head luckily there is no weight, just a chemical gas that allows the few cells living to exchange electric signals, gas is thought to be neon, but who know what happened in that chemical plant!

4) newbies and students learn from instructors, instructors and races learn from guru's, which all learn from Racer, Racer learned from Cole Trickle himself

5)he kinda looks like Ricky Bobby, but handicapped

6) he holds the lap record at Mosport in his Mothers Mazda, but its an unofficial lap time, as he is so fast that the timing gear always fails after his first lap.

7) his weak point is beer and vodka, very little needs to be drank for such a large man, make sure your wearing a belt around him when the booze hits him, luckily he is said to be faster off the track then on.

8) He actually wrote the secrets as speed books as a joke and Ross Bently found them on the floor in the washroom beside Racer who was passed out with his pants around his ankles again at Sebring and took them as gospel because Racer wrote them and had them printed to spread the word and create the Racer`s bible.

9) if you see dirt under his nails its not from working on a car, he more then likely feel over, Racer is above having to wrench, he just drives

10) Racer is Racer and will always be
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