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Originally Posted by pawelgawel View Post
A) please enlighten me how it will save me THOUSANDS?
B) get off your pedastal... Bmw is just a car with regular car problems...
C) of you dont want to contribute with decent comments stop trillin...
And finally
D) there is a reason why im driving a 330, i save my money by doing my own work and try to save on items such as these little orings that are well overpriced.
A - dont bother changing the rings and find out. Do a google search... Change the rings and you get better mileage and less vanos failure.

B - i am not on a pedastal... Which in english we call PEDESTAL. I am in a 325i. If you wanna compare bmws to "other" cars fine with me... Just don't make spelling mistakes when you "attempt" to argue intelligently...

C - Who is trillin? I am commenting...

D - if you wanted to save money... You wouldn't drive a 330i... Or a bmw... Or whine about $60 on a bunch of rings.

Like i said from the start... I am not trying to be a hater... But... You drive a BMW...

Let there be peace...
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