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Ok... I understand that research takes time and effort. I dont argue the fact that they should make profit for the time they invested.
But in this capitalist society, theory states with increase in demand and increase in supply, the price should fall. But in this instance the equalibrium is not adjusted and price is being determined not by the market but by monopolizing the product.

If more people made this product the price would be adjusted with compatition. Hance why I would be very interested in providing such a product to fellow Canadians.

Research was not done by them but by the actual manufacturers of silicone amd rubber. Its not which difficult to see which material withstands higher temperatures. Internet has plenty information on that. and as long as you have the actual copy of the seals and orings... Any supplier will make it for you especially if you order in large sum.

They have sold thousands of the kits by now and have not adjusted the price due to the fact that there ia no one else doing them.


Does anyone have a set i could borrow or even purchase old set?
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