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Originally Posted by 5style View Post
sigh.... this thread makes me laugh. Truth is, when one part fails, more fail at the same time related to that system when it comes to suspensions and "shakes"

bushings, rotors, wheel balancing, balljoints, links, tierods, AND caliper rebuild or at the very least inspection for seizing, shakes gone, and gone for another 60-100k depending on parts used, driving styles.
100% agree. I also bought the car 2 months ago with 150k on it. So it's 10 years old and the previous owner has completely neglected it. It looks like when he found out it needs so many repairs he just decided to get rid of it. I don't plan to get rid of it. I actually plan to be its last owner, or I might give it in the future to a younger cousin or something. But I like to take care of my cars and not abuse them and neglect them.

My next step is a complete body repair: dents+paint. I found a body shop that would do it for $2,500. Because they also have to buy some parts for my cars such as a new door, bumper mold and grid, then it would come to $3,000 for me.
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