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Originally Posted by Eurostyle View Post
We told you LONG time ago to get a second opinion, now post what mechanic could NOT figure this out for god knows how long, before other people waste time going there! A professional shop would save you time and agravation, any day!
Sorry, but I won't mention which mechanic. Posting things online go viral in no time and usually postings are blown out of proportions. I don't want to harm anybody's business especially if it's an honest mistake. I know, honest mistakes are costly--I know from personal experience--and I think the ethical thing for the mechanic to do is to wave the fee if he misdiagnoses something which makes the car owner pay for the part and labour which does not fix the problem. I don't know yet, but I might post my full experience with the first mechanic so BMW owners know if they should take their cars to him or not.

To be fair, however, it was the first mechanic who advised me to seek a second opinion. Also, he only charged me $30 for the 6+ hours of inspecting my car for both the shake and engine shutting down problem.
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