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After a long week full of worries because my E39 was shutting down when braking and constantly losing power (which is so scary when you need the car to go when you are making a left turn but it wouldn’t go) I finally decided to seek a second opinion and go to RMP Motors. I am starting a new job on Monday so I wanted to solve the problem this week because I can’t take a day off on my first week of work! Also, I was spending way too many hours every day for the last week at the mechanic to find out what’s the problem. I was so worried it is a major problem like carbon build-up!

Anyway, I took the car to Rocco today and to be honest I’ve never been more impressed in my life! He scanned the car and 5 minutes later the problem was fixed! (It was a loose air intake hose.) I actually took the car to him because it shakes at 120km/hr but it shut down on him while he test drove it so he knew it had a problem with the engine running smoothly.

So all in all it took him 45 minutes which included balancing my tires, fixing the engine shutting down problem, and doing two test drives! When I drove the car home I remember thinking, “WHAT! This is not my car! This is AMAZING!” It’s like I got 50 extra horsepowers! The acceleration just went from “blah” to “wheee!” The charge was $90 but I wouldn’t have minded if he asked $200! (I am not rich but I really appreciate the peace of mind he gave me by fixing the problem, and the time he saved me from spending more time at the mechanic!) He also works so fast and focused on your car; he doesn’t waste your time (or his), he doesn’t fool around, and you feel that he deserves to get paid for every minute he spends on your car. You know what, if you got a problem with your BMW, just take it to RMP Motors.

Rocco is also a very nice guy and very professional. He showed me what was wrong with the car, and explained things to me. He was very approachable, and he gives you and your car his undivided attention. People always give RMP Motors +1, but I give him +100!

I am moving to Woodbridge, if it’s God’s will, and being close to RMP Motors is now another reason to be excited about the relocation!
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