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Not exactly... qumis built and sold with mtech2(replica) and bbs's(real), but I think the guy he bought it from had already glassed the fenders(don't know haven't talked to qimis personally, but I'm talking to RPM motors who put s50 together.)..then it was sold to davida in FLorida..he added airbag suspension(I think), got passed to the carolina's for a sale or 2, then some kid in Indiana bought it, and his dad made him sell it immediately(I think he was the one the wrecked the mtech kit) Someone in Ohio bought it (guy named Pat I think) and it was sold 2-3 more times in Ohio where is lost it's body kit totally and the plastics got thrown back on it. The guy I am getting it from has had it only 8 months and now It will reside back in the North... as I live hours North of Detroit here in MI until my brother buys it form me in a few years and takes it back to FL
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