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Originally Posted by Dr. Flyview View Post
I don't see what the big deal is about the "gap".
If the gap is by your choice then most companies don't ding you for it.
If it is for a cancellation you didn't request, ie: for non-payment or non-compliance, then your record can be toast.
Apparently (and this not my research), If you have had a cancellation for non-payment in the last 12 months your probability of being in an at fault accident is almost 3 times greater then a driver who hasn't. One doesn't cause the other, but the co-relation exists in actuarial studies. The theory is that it speaks to your willingness to assume risk. If you don't check your mailbox for payment notices, you probably don't check your blind spot too often, either.

Originally Posted by nadocaster View Post
Sorry to revive a month-old thread but I found this in a search and I will also have an inspection coming up with this insurer. TD Meloche Monnex has already threatened to cancel insurance on account of "modifications" because of a set of Bilsteins, until I described them as replacement parts.

But now I have to have the car inspected, which is mandatory for the 25-and-under set. Mostly not a problem, since the car is essentially stock, but it does come with a Scorpion catback exhaust and I'm not sure they will agree with the "replacement parts" argument.

I've been through these inspections before and know it's just a couple of 3/4 exterior shots etc., but I'm concerned that some fool at TD is going to see the shiny Scorpion tip and decide "omg illegal streetracing modz, cancel policy now."

Generally, most insurance companies will paint all modifications with the same brush. If you deal with a bank/direct writer the person you are talking to has a list of rules/guidelines to abide by and a call volume they must deal with. Exceptions take time so the easy answer is always "NO". If you want to talk to someone who is willing to take the time to get an exception made, you are likely best finding a broker or agent.

If you do get cancelled, get a new policy in place before the old one cancels, it will save you a PILE of headaches. I'd start shopping before your appointment so you don't feel panicked. Your lead question should be, "are you able to provide a quote for a car that is modestly or severely modified for performance or appearance. Don't give all your information get the price THEN drop a "BTW my car is supercharged" bomb. The agent/broker will feel like you have wasted enough of their time already and just say no.

Originally Posted by Quickid View Post
The inspection places are independent shops that are part of a network of inspection shops and they have no direct relationship to TD.

Basically, it will all depend on the person doing the inspection. Unless your exhaust is extremely loud, I think you'll be fine.
Companies can request inspections for different reasons. How in depth they go will depend on the nature of the request.

Originally Posted by Quickid View Post
They do but TD will only look if necessary. The shop will declare pass or fail right away.
Insurance companies pay for each & every inspection. I can't say for certain that they review each report, but I think it is a safe assumption that the report is always sent to the insurance company. I don't believe the shop makes the call, I know all of the companies I represent make the determination themselves, not the inspection station. I'm not 100% that applies to every company.

Originally Posted by liquidc3lls View Post
Let me tell u something about meloche, i had a dent in my passenger door, eventually i had to take it in for the inspection, after snapping photos and what not, a week later meloche calls me telling me that my car is unsafe due to the dent, its a dent caused by PO its so minimal its pathetic, so with that said, they asked to have repaired, so i did, provided photo proof and an inspection, long story short i recieved a letter from meloche a registered letter notifying that my policy has been cancelled because the repair that was done is uneligable posed danger (a dent in the door a cosmetic issue)i can scan u this letter to show u and i still have the email log, just as a heads up try and get the car in an immaculate shape if u have any body damage its a fail, and dont go to apple auto glass they r retarded they know **** all about body work and will fail u!
All in all great rates but they can be serious cocksukers when they want to be!
I've personally signed letters stating, "we need proof of repairs; pictures or reciepits" I've had to ask for pictures to verify the quality of the job, when initially receipts for $100 from canadian tire were submitted (for bondo, fiberglass and tremclad), but I've never had the policy or coverage cancelled because the repair didn't measure up. (and I've seen a few hack jobs)

There is really no reason to live in fear of these inspections. There are companies out there who happily accept cosmetic mods and even performance ones. However, these are considered on a case by base basis and if your car looks like it belongs in a video game and your abstract has more then 2 convictions or a recent accident, you are going to have a much harder time with it.

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