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Let me tell u something about meloche, i had a dent in my passenger door, eventually i had to take it in for the inspection, after snapping photos and what not, a week later meloche calls me telling me that my car is unsafe due to the dent, its a dent caused by PO its so minimal its pathetic, so with that said, they asked to have repaired, so i did, provided photo proof and an inspection, long story short i recieved a letter from meloche a registered letter notifying that my policy has been cancelled because the repair that was done is uneligable posed danger (a dent in the door a cosmetic issue)i can scan u this letter to show u and i still have the email log, just as a heads up try and get the car in an immaculate shape if u have any body damage its a fail, and dont go to apple auto glass they r retarded they know **** all about body work and will fail u!
All in all great rates but they can be serious cocksukers when they want to be!
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