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Sorry to revive a month-old thread but I found this in a search and I will also have an inspection coming up with this insurer. TD Meloche Monnex has already threatened to cancel insurance on account of "modifications" because of a set of Bilsteins, until I described them as replacement parts.

But now I have to have the car inspected, which is mandatory for the 25-and-under set. Mostly not a problem, since the car is essentially stock, but it does come with a Scorpion catback exhaust and I'm not sure they will agree with the "replacement parts" argument.

I've been through these inspections before and know it's just a couple of 3/4 exterior shots etc., but I'm concerned that some fool at TD is going to see the shiny Scorpion tip and decide "omg illegal streetracing modz, cancel policy now."


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