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New Car Negotiation...

Hi All,

My wife is in the market for a new daily driver (she drive A LOT) for work.

Anyways... never having purchased a brand new car, I am wondering what we can negotiate in the process.

I remember working a summer job at an Acura dealership a number of years ago and the salesmen coming around the bay to boast about how they made a killing on "that guy".

Finance Rate?
Trade in Value?

If so, whats the wiggle room? I don't want to be unreasonable with my demands however i also don't want to get taken advantage of...

For example, we visited a Hyundai dealership (interested in the new Elantra) and the salesman advised us that the finance rate is non negotiable + wouldn't budge on anything.

Any advice would help , thanks all.

- Adam


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