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May be, but the customer experience is not only about getting the car fixed. It’s also about being able to communicate with the mechanic, having clear expectations, being respected and the mechanic appreciating your business, the mechanic being patient and giving you his attention. When I deal with a mechanic I give him the benefit of the doubt, so I expect the same. Why pay $340-$450 to Don to get a problem fixed with his uncertain cost estimate and mocking attitude, when I can pay much less and be respected by going to RMP Motors or Alphawerx and still get the problem fixed?

Let me tell you a story about the customer experience:

I went to a body shop with a budget of $3,000 to do the repairs on my E39 because it has few dents and one broken bumper moulding, a rusty door, and a loose bumper bracket. The body shop guy right away told me, “Go to ACA down the road because $3,000 is too low of a budget” without him even looking at the car or asking what I need to be done on the car. So with that attitude I, of course, did not want to deal with him anymore. What if I don’t like the way he fixes something, then what? He will start swearing at me or something!

So I went to ACA (it’s right beside Alphawerx) and two friendly men (the owners) came out looked at the car, wrote down in details what it needs to be done and showed me around the shop what they do and that the colour will match, and so on. They quoted me $3,700 for the repairs which was more than what I had in mind, then the most experience person in the body shop came and looked at the car and convinced the two owners that for $3,700 he can repair the whole car except the roof (which is in a good condition). And I liked that offer. See, with a little bit of being friendly, patient, respectful, explaining things, you can gain a customer for life. And this customer will be happy with the way he and his car was treated then recommend you to someone else, and this way you will gain more customers.

So I knocked Autotrend based on the customer experience and prices and not based on the quality of work done. But to me the customer experience and prices are essential parts for me to do business with someone.
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