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I think you're worried Don is a rip off artist - he's not.
He does good honest work, you pay for his time - he fixes your car.

How do you quote for a mystery problem(s) over the phone without seeing the car, or knowing its history?

He may fine the problem immidiately, but he's not limiting himself to an hour....Don't assume he's going to charge you 4 hours to figure it out...he may find it right away, there may be more than one problem...

I had an issue with the car running rich, wide open injectors..worked in limp mode when I unplugged the I bought a new $400 MAF...

...lesson one, it wasnt the MAF and my mechanic had to trace out the wiring to find the short.
...lesson two, I paid for his hour and half to find it, and then thanked him....
...lesson three...just sold that MAF for $100!

We are all here to help, I can understand your frustration with shops, but you have to experience the full service before you knock it!

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