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Stuck anti-theft radio unit? (BAVARIA CII)

I have bavaria C II anti-theft radio (came as factory option) and recently I had my battery disconnected to clean the connectors.
this radio:
Since then it asks for 4 digit code (code isn't written on the manual), I wanted to pull the radio to find the serial number so I bought 5 sided Allen key off the ebay.

But the problem is that I don't think there are any screws in this stereo because when I insert an allen key, I feel some sort of spring lock from the hole and allen key goes in about 2 inches deep (screws for e30 doesn't sit that deep).

Well, I can feel there is something in the end of the hole but I can't unscrew it (I've tried normal allen key, 5 sided bmw tools, flathead driver, everything) so I tried to insert 4 allen keys into each holes to find if it unlocks something..but nothing happened.

Now, if I go to dealership they'll charge $66 for removing the radio (I'm not even sure how they'd remove it)..and I don't think I can remove panel surrounding the stereo without removing the actual rado. What should I do?
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