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Yea, it is official: I am never taking my car to Autotrend.

So my car has a vibration problem that Darren advised me to seek a second opinion because he is not 100% sure what's the cause of the problem. I decided to give Autotrend a second shot and called Don. First, he wouldn't tell me how much the inspection would cost. He said he can't give me an estimate but at most it would take 3-4hrs at $113/hr and he would need the car all day long because he gets 10-20 cars a day and he can't just give me an appointment because he will ask a mechanic to work on it whenever its turn comes next. So that's is about $340-$450 for inspection only! Darren charged me nothing for inspecting, test driving the car, and turning the wheels to check for bent wheels, imbalance, and misalignment! (I am not saying this so you can take advantage of Darren by asking for free service but he is that much of a nice guy--he gives mechanics a good reputation!)

Of course, Autotrend's offer did not suit me because RMP Motors would give me an appointment and they would charge $90 for the inspection and $45 for identifying the problem. That's $135 at max. Still, I don't understand why would they charge extra for identifying the problem, because what's the point of the inspection if they won't tell me what's wrong with the car?! But I've been to RMP Motors before and Rocco really knows his stuff. I still prefer Darren but for a second choice I don't have a problem with dealing with RMP Motors. Autotrend, however, just forget about it as I am never taking my car to them and don't recommend them at all.

Second, I did not like Don's attitude. When he told me that he can't give me an estimate of how much it would cost for the inspection/identifying the problem I told him that I will think about it then call him back because another shop gave me an estimate of how much it would cost. He laughed and said, "Have fun! Take care", and hung up! If that's how his attitude is by discussing things with him then how can I tell him if I don't like the work done on my car, or if he "fixed" a problem and then I found out it is not really fixed?

Darren's biggest strength is his attitude: he is very friendly, very approachable, and above all you can discuss things with him and he listens to you patiently and give you his time and attention.

I am only writing this to help BMW owners find the shop(s) that is right for them and their cars.
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