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And projects just don't want to cooperate.

The adapter from M12 to 1/8npt27 (needed to put my water to sender where my tb heater goes) does not fit.

It's from bimmerworld, for this purpose specifically. The sender still doesn't fit through. I ended up drilling it out a bit more and the sender fit, but the threads were really tough and I feel like I'm tapping the fitting :s

The sender is also shorter than the adapter-- even installed in the head it's not going to get anything flowing past.

I'm thinking of just running a hose from there to the OEM spider hose and going for an in-line setup instead of the stupidness that has been trying to put it in the head.

Also got brand new OEM fuel lines as mine were looking well used, and it seems like changing the vent line will require dropping the tank by an inch or two -- new tank in the past few years but it looks like one of the bolts was stripped going on (

Take the rear wheel off for a better view and find this

No, don't know what happened but looks like it was caught in the spring or something -- such an idiot

Not a great day :p

Upswing: brake lines almost complete in the front while the booster was mocked up, and I have begun the wire tuck process. Not as bad as I was expecting, but nothing picture-worthy yet.

M3 firewall cover also on order so I can get the harness on the motor buckled down and ready for insertion

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