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Yes Trung is a very fast dude for sure,I shot myself in the foot trying to run my old tires to save the good ones for the solo nats in August.Its not like me to spin a run away,cone a run away,stop cone a run away,and drop a wheel and throw a run away.The only run on the Avons took 3 seconds off and for sure another 2 would've been gone in 1 more run as I had no choice that run but keep it safe with no penalties.
I hopefully corrected my brake trouble tonight(nearly no front brakes it turned out)and fixed the shifter which was sticking and causing some issues.I'm going to Picton so we'll see how I compare to trung and the usual gang of fast guys there.
I'd like it if for next year you can layout the exact same course,I'll be making well over 200hp with boost,going to lighten the car further over the winter and I'm working on a set of muilti element wings with downforce a much higher priority than drag so I'll need the extra power.

I'll try and make it down for a powerade event this summer with the bigger wings.
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