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Did the previous owner perform banjo bolt job ? Don't know what that is.
Any leaks from lower or upper oil pan ? None at all.
Did anyone resolder-repair the General module ? Don't know what that is.
Do the windows go up after you close the doors? Yes
Whats the condition of the rellays ? If your reffering to wiring, it is mint no signs of heating.
Did you source out and repair any parasitic drainage ? Battery holds charge very well. (inv for approx 600 for new batteries a year and a half ago from BMW)
Will the car start up after 5 to 7 days sitting ? Just came back from Miami and started up the car no problems at all.
Power seats , memory seats work ? All motors work except one of the two tilt adjustments on driver's seat.
Any holes on the mufflers ? None.
Whats the condition of the window seals - weather striping ? No highway wind noise and there are no signs of dry seals or cracks.
Please provide additional information and post the maintanace that was performed by you so people can make an informed decision: Replaced one lifter due to sticking. Performed a flush on coolant system, power steering fluid, brake fluid and engine oil flush. (although previous owner had stated oil was changed two months ago, I was uneasy about not doing it myself.) I also bought a set of used replica 2 piece 18's (black rim, aluminum dish) that have a four inch lip however have not installed them. I put a brand new set of tires on the rear. I have not mounted them because they need a set of spacers and I'm debating about whether I really want to put 18's on the car and effect performance and damage a tight ride. (harsher ride) However I will include them with the sale for buyer's discretion.
She looks stunning by the way: Thank you, I thought so too!
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